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Sim Storytellers

Where sims come to tell their stories...

Sims Storytellers
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Sim Story Tellers
Welcome to Sim Storytellers, a community devoted to the creation, sharing, and discussion of sim stories.

The Sim Storytellers community is a place for storytellers to meet and share ideas, discuss technique, plan projects and crossovers, and to find inspiration and support from other storytellers. It is an open forum for discussing sim stories, plots, and characters. Newcomers to sim storytelling are encouraged to ask questions, learn from more experienced storytellers, and try their hand at creating their own sim stories. Readers are encouraged to discover new sim stories to read, offer feedback, and maybe even get inspired to try a story of their own. Anything goes, as long as it is related to stories that are told using The Sims game series as a medium.

Please note that while we welcome all questions regarding sim storytelling, this is not a general technical/gameplay solutions community. Any technical questions that are posted here should relate to sim story creation. If you have general gameplay questions, check out the thesims2 community. They have a large memory section that covers just about every question known to simmer.

We're pretty easy going around here, but we must ask that you respect the following rules:

1. Advertisements for stories may only occur once a week. This follows the rule for thesims2 community, since we feel it is a fair one, and will reduce ad clutter in the community. Please include the date of your last story ad at the bottom of your post.

Story ads generally consist of ONE photo or teaser image outside of an lj-cut, with a link to the story in another journal, but story ads can also be text-only. If you wish to include more than one image, please contain the others behind a cut. All ad photos and teasers should be no larger than the largest in-game camera size, about 600x450px.

2. Only story-related ads may be posted. While advertising is encouraged, please note that only sim stories may be advertised in this community. Legacies may be advertised here, but only if they use storytelling conventions, such as a point-of-view, and have a plot. Commentary legacies, without a storyline, should be posted at legacychallenge, not here. This rule is new, but it will be strictly enforced.

3. We ask that you be courteous of others while commenting and posting, especially where critiques are concerned. Any unnecessary bickering or flaming will result in bans. Reasonable discussion and debate is encouraged.

4. Please put any non-story posts with pics, or any overly long text blocks under a lj-cut.

5. Please do not promote other communities or websites without prior approval from at least one of the mods, and remember to note the mod who gave you permission to promote in the entry.

6. Stories that include adult situations and themes are required to have a warning. While this can be subjective, if in doubt, just put up a warning to be safe.

Features of this community will include:

- Discussions
- Storyteller Spotlight
- Critiques (if requested by the sim storyteller)
- Storytelling Challenges

Meet the MODS:





Please private message your comments, questions, or concerns to any of the SST mods.

Storytellers Spotlighted
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Sim Story Directory

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